Asian Movie Sites

          Just like most people, I don't own many original Asian movies.  I would like too, but sadly I don't as of yet.  So just like many people I have to get my fix online.  As this blog is strictly for horror, I also have a Asian Movie blog that has other genres that might be of some interest.

          My main movie site as of now is LetMeWatchThis.  If you want to get an account on there please help me out and use me as your referral.  It gives me points for it.  Here is the link for my referral.
          This site is relatively easy to use, you just have to know the title of the movie you are looking for (some of the titles are written as their original title, an example is Invisible Target, on the site it is Naam yi boon sik).  I suggest searching the title in Google before searching on the site.  The name that comes up for IMDb, is what you should use for the site.  The reasoning is that they use IMDb to get their movie info.  n.n

          My main horror movie site happens to be none other than Asian Horror Movies, which has about 712 movies that are listed by Country under the Movie List tab at the top.  All the movies come from different sites, I have even found a few youtube ones, so some quality may not be the best, but most are pretty good.

          Another good site is iidrama.  On the site they have many different categories to choose from and they have both TV shows and Movies.  They don't have a very big selection of horror movies, but it is still a pretty good site to use.

           Asizia also has a selection of asian movies.  Under the movies tab, they have 626 movies out of different genres. 

          It is also possible to find some of the movies on YouTube, but I wouldn't suggest using them very often, because you don't always get the best quality.