About Me

          Hello.  My name is Brandy, but most online know me as NinjaNakashima.  I am 19 years old and have been watching horror movies since I was about 5.  Most people find it strange that I was rather young when I seen my first horror movie, but I don't feel it is.  I always watched horror movies with my dad, and I never remember actually being scared of them.  That was probably because my dad would point out all of the stupid things the characters did, and show me how to recognize when a "scare" was coming.
          Having watched this genre since I was little brought me to love the genre more than any other one.  Some people seem to think that horror movies are the cause of my odd ways, but I don't really know what they actually mean by that.  I am a little bit odd, but I find that everyone is odd.  There is no set definition of what is normal, so what if I am the normal one and others are the odd ones.
          People may think I am strange or abnormal, but that isn't going to change who I am.  Just like Alice asked, "Who's to say what's proper?  What if it were agreed that 'proper' meant wearing a codfish on your head?  Would you wear it?"  My answer is no.  I am not going to change who I am based on what others decide is right.  I will only base it on what I feel is right, and that means loving horror movies, anime/manga, asian music and knitting.  It's who I am, so the world can just accept it.  n.n